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I will shortly discribe our project here.

The project is fantasy mmorpg with a 3-d enviroment. The game was created for a command play. The whole in-game world isn’t devided into several locations and thus it’s practically endless. It’s under developing now. 


We have no character and skill levels also we have no fixed classes.

The character has 3 initial stats  – Strength, Agility and Intelligence.

Developing these stats you develop the following characteristics simultaneously:

Strength – Damage and health.

Agility – Atack speed and stamina.

Intelligence – Spell damage and mana points. 

By achieving max level of Strength, your health won’t exceed 200 – 300 HP.

Depending on the player’s in-game goal, the player choses how to develop his character’s stats. But one can maximize only 2 stats and the last 1 will be very poor developed.

Also there are a lot of things depend on equip of the character. Thus by equiping  a light garment and a spell book or a wizard staff, a player will able to use stronger spells and spend less mana points and time to cast it then a player equiped with a full plate armor. Equiping a leather armor a player will succeed in weapon use will be better protected then pure mage-type player but he will certainly loose part of his magic abilities. A full plate equiped player is the best protected player, he also has quite a big capacity of health because of maximized strength and thus he deals more damage in combats, but he has practically no magic skills. Using one kind of weapons, your character will be used to it and thus atack speed, damage and accuracy will improove. By changing your weapon, the skill for previous weapon will be reducing and the skill for new weapon will be raising. If you have maximized a skill for one of the weapon type earlier, it would take you less time to maximize it again. 


The skills are developing from 0% to 100%. Developing one of the skills you will acquire new abilities and higher success chance. A player can choose only several skills in the beginning and others will be at the 0 level. Some of the skills are incompatible. 


If you have chosen necromagic , you won’t be able to use priest magic of  Gods of Light.

I will try to explain it better. The skills will greatly influence player’s  in-game life. To execute some of the actions player will need to use some defenite skills, not only one but number of them in a different extent. 

For the short-range combat you will need a sword and main combat skill will be certainly sword usage (developing it you will get higher basic level of its usage and some special moves). You will use tactic skill which is necessary for atack speed and paring. Anatomy will help you to deal more damage by studying some special features of the body. And by studying features of the armor, armor skill will help you to deal more damage to armored enemies.

But you can also use these skills in the different circumstances. Every blacksmith must develop armor skill otherwise you will create only low-grade armor. Without anatomy medic won’t heal wounds normally.

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